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Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

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Untreated hearing loss affects our ability to appreciate the environment around us, to have conversations and hear music, as well as significantly impacting your personal and professional life. Without being able to properly hear, it can be difficult to carry on a conversation, to clearly communicate and to follow sounds in a busy environment.  

How does hearing loss affect communication and socialization?

One of the most significant effects of hearing loss is losing the ability to communicate with people through hearing and processing speech. If you cannot hear well, and you’re struggling to keep up in conversations or meetings, it can be tough to engage in conversation face-to-face, over the telephone or in passing if you bump into somebody you know. As your hearing loss declines, you might also feel less confident about talking to people because you’re anxious about missing words or asking people to repeat themselves.

A lack of confidence could cause you to become more isolated or to fear speaking up if you’re in a meeting or you’re taking part in a discussion. Some people may also be more reluctant to try and make new friends if they can’t hear. Hearing loss can make dating difficult, and it could also hold people back when it comes to joining new community groups or sports clubs or applying for jobs. 

Treating hearing loss to stay connected

Treating hearing loss affords people the ability to hear sounds and noises they would ordinarily miss. As well as providing a heightened sensory experience, hearing aids provide crucial communication benefits. Hearing aids capture and amplify sounds, making it easier to hear. If you have hearing loss, and you start using hearing aids provided by an audiologist, you will be able to engage in conversation, to hear people talking to you when you pop into a store and to communicate more confidently on the phone or video calls.

People who have hearing aids are able to be more influential in meetings where they might have previously held back because of hearing loss and they might also feel more comfortable speaking to people they don’t know. Even the simplest things, like ordering a dish in a restaurant or a drink in a busy bar can become more challenging when you have hearing loss. Treating hearing loss is a means of encouraging people to be more confident and to make communicating easier. 

One of the most important advantages of treating hearing loss effectively is giving people the confidence to speak and to devote time to social connections and relationships. Hearing aids can help individuals to maintain strong ties with existing friends and family members, as well as giving them a boost when it comes to meeting new people through clubs and societies, joining a new company or going on dates. Research suggests that socializing plays a critical role in improving mental health and wellbeing, and hearing aids can be an effective solution for those who may be at risk of feeling isolated or lonely. 

How do I know if I need hearing aids?

Hearing aids are a common treatment for hearing loss. In many cases, hearing loss occurs gradually, and most people start to notice signs because of the conversations they have with others. These include:

  • Asking people to repeat themselves on a regular basis.
  • Finding it difficult to hear when there is background noise, for example, in a busy office or when catching up with a friend for a coffee in a packed cafe.
  • Missing words or sentences during conversations
  • Struggling to keep up in meetings.
  • Finding that you are looking at people’s mouths more and picking up on hand gestures and body language.
  • Turning up the volume when using your phone or making video calls.
  • Friends, colleagues and family members telling you they have already told you things repeatedly and having no recollection because you didn’t hear the original word or phrase.

You might also have hearing loss if you’re turning up the volume on the TV or radio more frequently or you’re finding it increasingly difficult to engage in conversation when you’re out and about and you meet strangers. If these signs are familiar to you, don’t hesitate to seek advice. Hearing loss can cause subtle changes and it’s best to intervene early.

If you do experience hearing loss, there are solutions. Modern hearing aids are effective, discreet and they offer a wealth of advantages for socializing, improving wellbeing and boosting confidence.

Hearing aids offer an array of benefits, but perhaps the most important is enabling people to communicate confidently and stay connected. If you have any questions about hearing aids, or you think you may need to make an appointment with an audiologist, contact our friendly team at Hearing & Balance Specialist of Illinois. Call us at 775-336-0211 today.