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Are Hearing Aid Fittings Important?

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

Hearing loss is widespread in the US, with experts estimating that about 28.8 million American adults could benefit from using hearing aids, which amplify sound to help you hear better. Nowadays, you can buy hearing aids from an audiologist, in several shops and even online. Despite this convenient access to hearing aids, buying online or from a shop eliminates the hearing aid fitting process, which many audiologists consider vital to selecting the best hearing aids for you. As such, hearing aid fitting is essential for the reasons listed below.

Ensure that you get the perfect fit 

Many audiologists recommend making a hearing aid fitting appointment to find a suitable hearing aid that fits your ears, lifestyle and other personal needs. Buying from online vendors or shops may be more convenient, but you can end up with ill-fitting and unsuitable hearing aids resulting in money wasted. Several studies indicate that poorly fitting hearing aids are a significant cause of hearing aid side effects like headaches and itchy ear canals. 

Additionally, an audiologist will find the best programming to provide the best comfort for your ears and lifestyle. Perhaps your ear shape may be incompatible with behind-the-ear (BTE) devices, or you may benefit more from wearing in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids due to your job's nature. An audiologist is better qualified to provide a hearing aid that addresses these concerns than other vendors. Consequently, always buy from an excellent audiologist to experience the hearing aid fitting process for your perfect fit.

There might be something more to your hearing loss

A variety of factors can leave you with hearing loss, making proper diagnosis and treatment crucial to addressing your hearing loss' specific cause. Therefore, online buying and buying from other shops is a shortcut to treating your hearing loss since you bypass diagnosis. In some cases, hearing loss can indicate a more severe medical issue that requires treatment. 

By using a eustachian tube and other tools to carry out a series of tests in your ear canal, an audiologist can quickly identify these underlying medical issues before fitting your hearing aid. WHO estimates that about 900 million people will have disabling hearing loss by 2050, so a hearing aid fitting with your audiologist may be crucial in treating any severe condition to prevent you from constituting this statistic in the future.

Well-programmed hearing aids

Research indicates that sound quality is vital to the user experience of hearing aid wearers. Therefore, a hearing aid fitting is essential to have a hearing aid with the best sound quality for your unique hearing needs. An audiologist will conduct several tests to ensure that your device's sound is ideal for you. They will also program other settings like your device's amplification over a range of frequencies, factoring in the type of sounds you struggle with. You even get to try it on in real-time as this programming is ongoing, so you can suggest minor changes that will make your device work best for you. 

You can ask questions

With devices like hearing aids, there's always a good chance that you may have some minor concerns and questions concerning usage. A hearing aid fitting session provides an ideal platform to engage a true professional concerning any nagging questions you may have. Common things you may want to know are what to do if your hearing aid breaks, the latest in hearing aid technology. The answers you may receive may be crucial to shaping your user experience, so feel free to ask – your audiologist will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

You gain clarity on usage and maintenance

As a hearing aid wearer, it is vital to understand how to use and maintain your device for the best results. An essential part of your hearing aid fitting is learning all there is to know about your hearing aid, making it prudent to buy from an audiologist to experience the fitting process. During this fitting, you will discover how your hearing aids work, how to best store it and how to take proper care of your device to keep it clean and functioning. All this information may not accompany the hearing aids you buy online and from other shops, so experiencing the fitting process with an audiologist is always your best bet.

Guaranteed high-quality hearing aids

Many audiologists advise that the hearing aids you buy online and from other shops may be of inferior quality, so you may end up spending too much on a subpar device. Many people are unsure of what qualities to check to ascertain their device's quality. On the other hand, buying from an audiologist is a significantly safer guarantee of value for money. During your hearing aid fitting, you have access to different tested and recommended hearing aids that are worth your expense. 

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