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4 Signs Your Child Needs a Hearing Test

young girl receiving hearing exam from specialist

As a parent, it’s important to be aware that your child’s senses can change. Parents often recognize that their child’s eyesight can change at any time but the same is true for their hearing. We often associate hearing loss as something which develops later in life and this is not always the case. Instead, your child’s hearing could change at any stage in development. If you suspect this has occurred, then it is important to speak to an audiologist and arrange a hearing test. Here are some of the key signs that your child might need this type of test. 

Differences in Development

If your child is experiencing hearing loss at an early age, then you might notice slight, apparent differences in their development. For instance, children with hearing loss might have delayed speech. They could struggle to find the words and you might find that once they do start talking the words aren’t particularly clear. Children with hearing loss may also struggle to obey commands and it can seem as though they are not paying attention to you when you are talking to them. The reality is that they may just not be able to hear you as clearly as you might have assumed.

If you have noticed that your child doesn’t seem to be listening to you it could certainly be worth checking them in for a hearing test. 

Hearing Changes in School

One of the most common signs that your child needs a hearing test is if their hearing seems to be impacted in school. The reason for this is that a school can be quite a noisy environment. So, it can exacerbate a negative change in hearing that is already there. This may mean that a child struggles to hear a teacher when they are speaking to them. It could lead to a decline in their general level of work and it might mean that this is pointed out by the school itself. 

Children with hearing loss may also be more prone to asking teachers to repeat themselves and it can be mistaken for bad behavior. A child with hearing loss may struggle to complete their work so they are more likely to be mistaken for someone who just doesn’t want to learn. 

If you are getting reports from school that your child is struggling, then it is always worth thinking about speaking with an audiologist. They can arrange a hearing test and check whether there has been a change in your child’s hearing. 

Hearing Changes Outside of School

Of course, it’s equally possible that children may show signs of changes to their hearing outside of school as well. For instance, you might notice that they are using their tech devices at a high volume. Some children do like to listen to music and video at high volume but other times it could be that they simply can’t hear it clearly if the volume is lower. 

You might also notice signs like this when they are watching TV. Children whose hearing has changed might also speak at a louder volume to compensate for the fact that they cannot hear their own voice too clearly. They could even struggle to engage in conversations and may seem despondent when you try to speak with them. This again could be a clear sign that they are struggling to hear what you are saying. 

Hearing Noises and Headaches

Finally, you might find that your child is complaining about hearing noises that aren’t actually there. This is an early sign of tinnitus. Usually, tinnitus starts off as something that is recurring before becoming somewhat permanent. It can be connected to hearing loss but the two do not always emerge at the same time. While there is no cure for tinnitus, a hearing test is still important. 

An audiologist can use a hearing test to find out whether there is any loss of hearing and then provide the right treatment solution. There are different coping strategies available for tinnitus that an audiologist can recommend to you. This includes masking the noise caused. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the signs that your child might need a hearing test and why this can be so important. If you get your child a hearing test, you can find out what’s going on and whether they are experiencing any form of hearing loss. To find out more about this contact Hearing & Balance Specialist of Illinois at 775-336-0211.