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Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

Better hearing and communication for the hearing impaired isn’t possible without better hearing aid fittings and programming. No two people hear sounds the exact same; that’s why no two hearing aids should be fitted and programmed the same. Modern Audiology uses the latest technology like live speech mapping to ensure that you get the best fit and sounds are delivered how you want to hear.

Hearing aid fitting appointment

The longest appointment you will ever have at Modern Audiology is your fitting appointment. Our audiologist takes the time to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed and adjusted to deliver sound how you want to hear it in a variety of settings.

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member to this appointment. Because this is the first time you will hear enhanced sounds, it’s important that you hear a familiar sound. This familiar sound will also be used for the live speech mapping process to make sure that both your hearing aids are delivering sound in a way best suited to your hearing preferences.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to insert and remove your hearing aids properly to prevent damage. You’ll learn how to perform basic maintenance, such as changing or charging batteries and cleaning.

Because it takes time to adjust to wearing hearing aids, you’ll be given instructions on the process to follow to begin comfortably wearing your hearing aids in no time at all. Yes, there’s a lot happening at your fitting appointment! That’s another reason we recommend you bring a friend or family member with you.

Live speech mapping

In the past, beeps and tones were used to adjusting hearing aids. But people don’t listen to beeps and tones, and the soundtrack of your life is much richer than that. Modern Audiology uses much more modern techniques to fine-tune your hearing aids.

Your hearing aids are adjusted using live speech mapping. This state-of-the-art technique uses voices as the stimulus for hearing aid adjustment. The process is more interactive and more effective than the techniques used in the past.

A small microphone is placed into your ear canal with the hearing aid. As you are exposed to sounds, the microphone maps how the hearing aid is reproducing the sound in your ear. The results are even shown on a screen so you and your loved one can actually see the difference in hearing with your hearing aids.

Live speech mapping increases the accuracy of your hearing aid programming and reduces the number of visits you need to fine-tune and adjust your hearing aids once you begin wearing them. Fittings with live speech mapping result in better outcomes for those new to wearing hearing aids.