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Bet You Didn’t Know Your Hearing Affected This

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Your hearing is one of your most essential senses and one that many of us don’t appreciate enough or take care to protect until it’s too late. Good hearing can enhance your life by improving your social, mental and physical health. If you aren’t already looking after your hearing or are disregarding any beginning signs of hearing loss, then you are also putting your general health at risk in many ways that you might not have realized. Healthy hearing has a lot of benefits. 

Enhanced Physical Health

After having to purchase hearing aids, 21% of people who take part in a survey with the Hear the World Foundation reported that they were exercising more frequently than they did before they had the hearing aids. 34% of those who responded said they took part in some kind of sporting activity at least once a week. 

Improved Mental Health

Clinical depression and the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s have all been linked to hearing loss. This could be due to increased social isolation if hearing loss makes communication difficult. Luckily, the use of hearing aids has been shown to help to prevent or even reverse many of these issues in those living with hearing loss. 

Stronger Relationships

When you’re in a relationship of any kind, nothing is more important than being able to communicate. This is especially true for your friends and family. Hearing impairment can make this communication much harder, which can quickly become frustrating. It’s annoying to struggle to hear what someone is saying or to have to repeat yourself several times.

This can soon turn into miscommunication and cause a feeling of ill will and resentment. When you’re in a public place that has a lot of background music, like a restaurant, wearing a hearing aid will allow you to continue to take part in the conversations and protect your relationships with your loved ones. 

Improved Cognitive Abilities

In those who are experiencing hearing loss, studies have shown that wearing hearing aids can actually boost brain function. Your cognition can be disrupted by hearing loss, as the brain is forced to use additional resources to try and hear and understand what is going on around you. 

Less Tinnitus Symptoms

People who are experiencing hearing loss and aid it with hearing aids will be able to hear sounds that they couldn't before they wore their hearing aids. Tinnitus symptoms can be hidden by using your hearing aid’s ability to increase the stimulus between the brain and auditory pathways. Hearing aid users can also use hearing aids to manage the volumes and cover-up tinnitus sounds. 

Decreased Fatigue

If you find you are spending more energy than you used to in order to listen to and understand conversations, it can cause stress, sleep disturbances, tiredness and exhaustion. As well as helping you to communicate more effectively, hearing aids can also help you to spend less energy when you are trying to hear. 

Improved Safety

You will be able to respond better to important sounds when you are able to hear them. Sirens, alarms, car horns, cell phones and traffic noises that indicate approaching traffic are all sounds that you need to be able to hear, and hearing aids will help you to do that. 

Reduced Headaches

Headaches and even migraines often come with tinnitus which can make tinnitus symptoms even worse. Using hearing aids can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and reduce how often and how intense your headaches or migraines are. 

Clearer Speech

Young children who are working on early language skills need to have hearing issues addressed as soon as possible. For more serious situations, children might be fitted with hearing aids to improve their hearing and make sure they are learning to speak clearly. 

Even adults can communicate better when they hear more clearly. 

Improved Confidence in The Workplace

Communication is essential for performing your work duties. Not being able to hear important conversations with your coworkers can lead to misunderstandings, missed deadlines and unfinished tasks. The use of hearing aids can help you to avoid these difficulties, and let you take greater pride in your work. Better communication skills will improve your relationships with your co-workers too. 

If you think hearing loss is causing you to miss out on important conversations, contact an audiologist like Sparks Hearing & Balance, at 775-336-0211. These audiologists can help you to determine your level of hearing impairment as well as whether or not your hearing or overall health would benefit from using a hearing aid.